Hidden charges – don’t get caught out

Are there any local fees that are not covered when booking your car? There may be local sales taxes that have to be added, which may or may not be listed in your quote. Extra fees can include;

Car Rental Taxes – local taxes including VAT, surcharges for using an airport office. This could add more than 30% to your final bill

Car Rental Drop-Off Charges – An extra fee if a car is returned to a different location than where it was picked up.

Selecting your car

When selecting your collection point, choosing the airport does have a lot going for it, as you can soon be on your way.

However this may also cause you some problems;

Jetlag – do you really want to be driving in a strange place when you’re a little jetlagged, or if you have been flying for 12 hours?
Darkness – it may be dark when you arrive, so how can you check your car for damage before you drive it away?
Cost– Convenience always comes with a premium
Queues- With everyone wanting a car from the airport, you may have to queue for a while

Sleep it off
If you are arriving late in the day, consider staying in an airport hotel so that you are refreshed before you collect your car, or stay in a hotel in town. For the same price as an airport pick up you might be able to get the car delivered to you.

Check the minimum and maximum ages allowed for drivers if you want to share the driving. You may have to declare any driving offences so ensure that you have all the drivers’ paperwork with you when you book. Don’t forget to take it with you too.