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KAYAK Launches Annual Holiday Travel Hacker Guide

Top Trending And Wallet-Friendly Destinations For Holiday 2017 Guide Features the Best Days to Fly In and Out to Score Deals this Holiday Holiday Hacker Guide KAYAK has looked within its billions of annual search queries to create its annual Holiday Hacker Guide. Which is good timing with the busiest travel months of the year coming up. The guide is full of insights and tips from ranking the hottest destinations to ring in the New Year. There is the most affordable cities to fly to and the best time to book your winter holiday flights. So helping travelers to...

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Packing Tips

Packing tips You’ve planned and researched your vacation to the smallest detail. You’ve done all the last minute things. Now you need to pack. Here are some packing tips to help ensure you have all you need when on your vacation. Have a packing list. An online packing website may help to ensure that you don’t forget any essential items. This can offer a list of suggested items, either as a general list or a specific one for your destination. Sometimes these can be customised to your own travel needs. Your Contact Details. Always have your contact details inside the...

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Travel Tips: Before you travel

Travel Tips: Last minute preparation Not all travel tips are about finding your ideal vacation. These travel tips are to ensure you don’t undo all your hard work in finding your vacation in the first place. Credit and Bank Cards. Inform your bank and credit card companies that you will be using your cards overseas. It will be expensive to call your bank from your resort to get them unblocked.   Travel Documents. Scan all your travel documents, including passports. Then email them to a secure online email service. You will be able to print copies in an emergency....

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Vacation Tips: Flying

Vacation tips: Departure airport Save Money. Never buy anything at the airport unless you have to. Check-in Online. If possible check-in online. You may be able to choose your seat (if available). Use SeatGuru to find the best seats in your class. Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute to check in. If you can’t check in online, then don’t leave it until the last minute. Flights are oversold as airlines predict that some passengers becoming a ‘no-show’. If everybody arrives the last to check-in may be bounced. Allow time for the security checks. Airlines are becoming stricter in...

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Travel tips to help research your vacation

Travel tips for planning your vacation Here are some travel tips to help you to research, plan and book your next trip. Use a Good Travel Agent. It can take a while to find a good travel agent. You need somebody who understands your requirements. They should remember that because they had a great time at a particular hotel, it does not mean that you will. Be careful as some agents work to gain incentives. The recommended hotel may give the agent a free holiday. Brainstorm Your Trip Planning. You shouldn’t worry about the cost at first as this...

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