Flying has given millions the chance to explore somewhere new, get away from the bad weather at home, to see a major sporting event and countless other experiences.

But what do you do if you are scared of flying? I know what it is like to spend the whole flight worrying about every noise and movement. In fact, it was a major event to get me to board the aircraft. In the end my GP prescribed me valium, and even when flying a few days after 9/11 I was fine. In the end, island hoping in the Caribbean cured me of my problem, but what methods are there to ensure that you get on that plane?

There are self-help books on practically anything, so there is plenty of choice in bookshops and They take commitment to work, so if you’re the sort of person to let things slide, or you have a massive fear, then you will need to see someone to help coach you through it.



It is said to work for smoking, so does hypnotism help you to overcome your aviaphobia (fear of flying)? Well, as in smoking this only works for some people. Hypnotists can be found in the Yellow Pages, but a recommendation from a friend will help in the success of the process. If you’re too sceptical, then it won’t work.

Airlines can help

For a start, being told how much safer flying is when compared to everyday travel doesn’t help, but you could try a course. In these there are classroom lessons in how safe flying is, with examples of how long a plane can glide without engines; that the plane is meant to make creaking noises, and basic aerodynamics. There will also be a short flight. Check out the course run by Virgin Atlantic.