In the old days of using brochures, the weather was shown by a tiny graph. It may have had a comparison with the weather in New York for the same month. These don’t really tell you much, such as was it wet because of monsoons, or typhoons or hurricanes etc.?

When looking at summer holidays in the Caribbean, for example, I used to be shocked by those who didn’t know about hurricane season, or say that it wasn’t hurricane season last year. I came across quite a few people who had been misled by travel agents.

Hurricane Season

I had one case where a customer wanted a honeymoon. I explained about the Atlantic Hurricane Season, but another travel agent had recommended Aruba that he said was not in the hurricane belt.

This was not true, but as even Aruba’s own tourist board used to mention that it isn’t hit by hurricanes, you can’t blame him for giving the wrong information.

Using the internet I was able to provide copies of studies on hurricanes on this particular island, and I also explained how hurricanes a hundred miles away can cause weather problems locally.

On the month of the honeymoon Aruba was flooded by the rains of Hurricane Felix.