I’m sure that you have seen a character in a film or a TV show (e.g. The Simpsons) fly as a courier to get a cheap flight ticket. This does actually happen, although you need to be flexible with your date of departure as well as your choice of destinations.

These aren’t the only drawbacks – you may also lose your luggage allowance and you may have to travel alone. You will also be restricted to major airport hubs. But if all this is ok with you, then you may save up to 85% of the price of the flight just for carrying a small package through customs.

Courier companies use this method as it is quicker than using air cargo and sometimes it is also a cheaper method.


There are two methods to find these flights. The first is to register with a courier agency such as The International Association of Air Travel Couriers. A registration fee will apply. The second method is to do all the research yourself and to contact the couriers direct.

You will need to leave a deposit with the courier before you leave, but as long as you deliver the package satisfactorily this will be refunded without any problems. Usually you would fly in economy, but it may be possible to pay for an upgrade. Generally the closer to departure the cheaper the ticket and as you are representing the company you will be expected to dress smartly.

An example website is Air Courier International