So you have your flight booked, and you know the departure and arrival airports. But which terminal do you need? Scheduled flights can be looked up on third party websites.

In fact some agents use these websites to produce your E-Ticket.

These websites are provided by the airlines’ GDS providers. A GDS, which stands for Global Distribution System, is a computer system which is used to store and retrieve information and conduct flight booking transactions.

All you need to log in is the lead surname and the Reservation Number. This may differ from the main receipt number given to you by an agent or a tour operator, but it should be on the paperwork somewhere.

Once logged in you are presented with information such as airport terminal, seat, meal, the distance flown, how long it should take, sometimes even your hotel and car hire details. This information can be printed out or emailed to other members of your group.

The website may have other tools to assist you in your trip such as visa advice and maps.

Examples are:

Check My Trip
My Trip and More

TripIt is a website that helps travellers to put an itinerary together. This can be stored online for your own use, or you can share it with others. You can include maps, directions, and weather with your flight details. There are also mobile Apps so you can access your trip with your smart phone. This is very useful for group trips as the whole group can easily access the information.