For example, you need to know the difference between ‘direct’ and ‘non-stop’.

  • Direct flights are not ‘non-stop’ – they touch down on the way; you do not leave the aircraft. Obviously this increases your journey time
  • Are you happy with the flight times/connections?
  • Have you heard of the company listed from a price comparison search? Research the company before booking
  • What are the rules for the ticket?
  • Check your seat pitch/legroom. It may be worth flying with somebody else for the extra comfort given by more space on-board
  • Select your seat as soon as possible. Don’t leave it to when you check-in. However if you are after an exit seat, get to check-in as early as possible. These seats may be needed in an emergency, and passengers sitting in them must be physically capable of assisting the crew. So they are not assigned until somebody has assessed you
  • If flying abroad, check the entry requirements. Do you need a visa? Do you need two spare pages in your passport? How long does it have to be valid for after the date of return?
  • Have you looked at a package price? Some tickets are cheaper (called IT Fares or ITX) if brought with a hotel or a hire car

IT(X) fares

An IT or ITX Airfare (Inclusive Tour Fare) is a limited availability airfare which can only be booked in conjunction with accommodation or car hire. Due to these strict rules, ITX airfares are only available under certain criteria.

For instance the ground arrangements (accommodation, car hire, cruise) must equal the duration of the stay. If you are putting your own package together it is worth calling an agent to see if they can get an IT fare for your route. It could save you a lot of money.