Packing tips

You’ve planned and researched your vacation to the smallest detail. You’ve done all the last minute things. Now you need to pack. Here are some packing tips to help ensure you have all you need when on your vacation.

Have a packing listAn online packing website may help to ensure that you don’t forget any essential items. This can offer a list of suggested items, either as a general list or a specific one for your destination. Sometimes these can be customised to your own travel needs.

Your Contact Details. Always have your contact details inside the case as external ones may fall off. If you are worried about security only have your name and mobile number listed. Or ask your travel agent if you can use their address to return lost luggage.
Plug Adaptor. One adaptor is never enough, so pack a four way extension lead as well.
Foodbags. Pack some sealable food bags so that you can take food to your room if there is no room service. They will also be handy for grabbing extra fruit at breakfast.
Clingfilm. Useful for sealing leaking containers, carrying food and covering burns.
Humid Resorts. A humid hotel may mean a musty smell in your room, so buy a perfumed plug-in. Do not bring one from home and use with a plug adaptor. This may result in a fire.

Power cuts, glasses and bugs

Tea Lights. Pack some tea lights (and matches) in case of power cuts.
Gasses Repair Kit. Always pack this in your checked luggage and not your hand luggage. The screwdriver may be confiscated at security.
First Aid Kit. Carry two, one for your hand luggage and a more comprehensive one for your checked luggage. Remember to check the contents of the hand luggage kit against the list of approved/prohibited items.
Bug repellent. Carry a small bottle or can of bug repellent in your hand luggage. Hotel check-in desks are a hot spot for little flying bugs.
Head Torch. A head mounted torch has so many uses, from reading in bed to checking in dark places for bugs or dropped items. Remember to take spare batteries.