Tourist boards are still a useful source of information

In most cases the tourist board for your destination country, resort or city is probably the best website to visit for a quick search on sightseeing and special events. On an average website you should be able to find out about visa requirements, museums, theatres, what’s on, hotels, and transport. On a great one you will be given itinerary on how to make the most of your time while you are staying in their area. Sometimes there are forums and newsletters on offer too.

Some of these websites are more interested in providing informative articles, while others are much more commercial.

It is quite straightforward to find a tourist board website, just enter keywords such as ‘barcelona tourist board’ into a search engine’s search bar. However you should beware of imitations.

There are hundreds of websites that look official, but are actually commercial websites funded by advertising and affiliate links. With these types of websites the information provided may only be mentioned as there is a profit in it. Luckily there are a few directories that will make life easier for you.


The Association of National Tourist Office Representatives

This is principal lobbying organisation for the world’s tourist offices. From this website you can find brief information and links to over 50 tourist offices.

As well as countries, regions and cities you can also find guides to certain attractions, such as Disneyland, Hollywood, parks, etc. These are extremely useful for doing research into the costs involved in visiting these attractions.

For example, there are a few UK based companies offering tickets to Disneyland Florida, which can give you unbeatable deals. However you may not want what is on offer and using the Internet you can see what would be available should you decide to buy locally.

Just because you buy the tickets here, it does not mean that you will not have to queue when you arrive. Some of these tickets are only vouchers and have to be exchanged onsite, so if you’re going to have to queue anyway you may as well buy local.

Always remember to research the attractions while you are checking out the destination as a whole.

Unfortunately not all tourist board websites are in English. In cases such as these you may need to make use of the translation feature offered by Google. From the ‘MORE’ menu item at the top of Google’s home page, click on ‘TRANSLATE’ and type the website address (url) into the box on the left hand side