How many times have you set off only to find that you have left something behind? Have you checked everything carefully before booking? This handy travel checklist will help you to remember what you need and what to check.



When and how long for?
Set price range
List of desired locations
Checked these locations on the FCO Website
Check for cheaper alternative dates
Checked the dates for local holidays and festivals
Check for flights from preferred airport
Check to see if alternative airports will be cheaper
If I’m doing a multi-centre tour, does the order in which I visit the different places change the prices?
Check the average weather conditions
Check the various airlines on the review websites
Will I need a car?
How will I get to the accommodation?
Is a package holiday cheaper or safer?
Can I choose my seats for the flights?
Have I explored options for things to see and do, etc.?
Have I explored options for restaurants?
Check local newspapers for adverse stories or suggestions of things to do
Do I have routes for possible taxi journeys so I can check if the taxi driver is trying to rip me off?
Do I need fall back hotel contact details at connecting and main airports in case of delays?
Airport parking or valet service arranged?
Do I have all booked hotel contact details in case of delays?


Do I need a visa(s)?
Do I need vaccinations?
Is my passport current?
Travel Insurance
If you’re travelling within the EU, get an EHIC card for free or reduced cost emergency medical care


Can I get my clothes cleaned locally, so that I reduce how much I need to take?
Do I want to send my luggage ahead?
No valuables have been put into checked luggage
No prescription medicine in your luggage (unless there is too much for hand luggage (get local names for medicine in case you need to replace any)
Check current airport security notice and make sure hand luggage is clear of prohibited items.
Create an inventory of everything that is packed (with receipts if possible. Take copies in your hand luggage, leave a copy with someone and if possible, scan and email to a web based email account)
Note the brand, the size, a description, and other identifying characteristics of your luggage in case they get lost by the airline
Mark all your bags and cases distinctly (not with anything that can easily be pulled off)
Put your contact details inside the case in the event it gets lost. Use a third party contact details if you are worried about your home security.


Have I left a copy of my itinerary and contact details with someone?
Scanned passports and other travel documents and emailed them to a web based email account
Check flight status before setting off to airport
Weigh luggage before leaving for the airport