1. Before you leave you should scan your policy and email it to yourself using a web based email account such as Hotmail. Then if you lose the copy that you have taken with you, you can easily get another copy. Have the policy number stored in your mobile’s memory (not the SIM card), along with the contact numbers
  2. Your email should also include all the emergency contact phone numbers. Also leave a copy of your paperwork with a family member or friend in case the internet is not available due to a natural disaster
  3. Make sure that everyone travelling with you knows how to find the details. If you are travelling in a group, make sure that you know how to get each other’s information
  4. Always report any theft or loss to the local police within 24 hours. Do not let anyone suggest that you delay this (such as the hotel manager). Make sure that you have records of everything that you might claim for (such as receipts and photographs)
  5. Always make sure that you keep the receipts of any costs that you incur (travelling expenses to report lost passport, meals when delayed, etc.)