Travel Tips: Last minute preparation

Not all travel tips are about finding your ideal vacation. These travel tips are to ensure you don’t undo all your hard work in finding your vacation in the first place.

Credit and Bank Cards. Inform your bank and credit card companies that you will be using your cards overseas. It will be expensive to call your bank from your resort to get them unblocked.
Travel Documents. Scan all your travel documents, including passports. Then email them to a secure online email service. You will be able to print copies in an emergency.
Food Allergies/Dietary Requirements. If you have a food allergy or a specific dietary need, get cards printed in the local language explaining this. 
Medication. If you are on medication, check that you can take this medication into the country that you are visiting and/or connecting through. You may need to arrange for a permit.
Emergency Contact Details. Put all the phone numbers for your holiday in your phone. This includes the hotel, travel company, airline and emergency numbers back home. Store these numbers in the phone’s memory and not on the sim card. Then if you use a local sim card to save money you will still have the numbers to hand.
Electric Supply. Check the power supply and whether your electrical items will work. Not all small appliances are dual voltage, this includes phone chargers.
Dresscode. Check the dress code for the hotel and for any restaurants that you may use. I have seen people turned away for wearing the wrong clothes.
Language. Learn a few words of the local language. It will go down well and may increase the level of service.