What do other travellers feel about a hotel?

Picking out the best restaurants, hotels, tours, etc., is tough. With Social Media you can let others do the work for you. This is done by reading reviews written by travellers who have been there before you.

By using websites such as TripAdvisor, you can pick out some top destinations and all they have to offer before you book. If used properly they can also help you to avoid locations with poor facilities and reputations.

The most common user review website for travellers is TripAdvisor. However there are loads of others. Some are easier to use than others and there are some that are UK based.

The secret to using these websites is to read why somebody has given their review and to see if that would cause you problems or not.

A couple on a honeymoon might not enjoy spending two weeks at a family biased hotel, and would you and your family enjoy spending time at a hotel given 5 out of 5 by a teenager on his first holiday without his parents? Also, please be aware that some hotels may be giving their own reviews so try to get as many opinions and use as many websites as possible before making up your mind.


Review websites

This website has around 30,000,000 visitors a month and around 10,000,000 reviews. It is part of Expedia, so booking tools are quite prominent. Reviews are listed by the submission date and not by rating. This allows you to build an opinion on the running of the hotel over a period of time.

Holiday Watchdog
This site provides travel and holiday reviews of hotels and accommodations world-wide. With hundreds of reviews being added every week, Holiday Watchdog remains one of the best sources of fresh travel content in the United Kingdom. Not always up-to-date with the less popular destinations, this website is part of TripAdvisor.

Hotel Chatter
Hotel Chatter covers everything related to hotels and lodging around the world. This includes reviews, which celebrities are staying where, hotel industry news, tips for booking online, the hotels you should stay away from, the hotels you should book, and more. This website doesn’t have a comprehensive database of reviews.

Review Centre
This website has reviews on just about any consumer item that you can think of. It has a limited database but is probably more up-to-date than holiday-truth and realholidayreports. It is also UK based.