Vacation tips: Departure airport

Save Money. Never buy anything at the airport unless you have to.

Check-in Online. If possible check-in online. You may be able to choose your seat (if available). Use SeatGuru to find the best seats in your class.

Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute to check in. If you can’t check in online, then don’t leave it until the last minute. Flights are oversold as airlines predict that some passengers becoming a ‘no-show’. If everybody arrives the last to check-in may be bounced. Allow time for the security checks. Airlines are becoming stricter in gate closing times.


Vacation Tips: Inflight

Dress for the flight and not the destination. It may be 100°F when you arrive, but it’ll be a lot cooler on the plane.

Beach Towel. Use a beach towel as a blanket while flying. It will be warmer and larger than an airline blanket, and it will save space and weight for your suitcase.

Travel Games. Travel games can relieve boredom when delayed, if the weather is poor, and to help you to meet new people.

Vacation Tips: Airport Security

Trial Sizes.Trial size toiletries and medicine are handy for travelling and for passing through the hand luggage security checks. Collect free samples whenever you can.

Airport Security. Check the airport security checks for every airport you will be travelling through. It will save time and prevent you losing items due to confiscation. Sometimes connecting passengers travel through special channels to their next flight. At other times full checks are in place.

Vacation tips for your flight

Vacation Tips: When you land

Airport Toilets. Queues for the toilets are always longer before passport control. Especially if your plane was stacked for a while (with the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign on). Try to wait until luggage reclaim. If you don’ you will find yourself at the back of a long queue waiting to clear immigration.
Luggage Claim. Make your cases stand out so that it’s easier to see them on the carousel and to track if they get lost. Colourful string and straps can help. But if they are fitted incorrectly they may come loose and jam the conveyor belt. A colourful case is the best solution.

Vacation Tips: Flying home

Departure Taxes. Make sure that you keep enough local currency to pay any departure taxes. Credit and debit card or travellers’ cheques may not be accepted.