There are one or two things that you could try while on-board to have a better flight

The first thing is to ask for seconds. If you having a meat dish there may be some left over. If you are unhappy with your neighbour (smelly, disruptive child, etc.) you can ask to be moved. If you have a very tight connection let the cabin crew know and they may be able to move you closer to the door so that you can get off quicker. Finally for all you coffee drinkers, ask for decaf as this is usually freshly made.


Never use the seat pocket to store any of your personal stuff. Aircraft only get a light cleaning between flights, with a deep clean only happening once a month. So things like old sweets, leftover food and even used nappies can find their way into these pockets. Also blankets may only be folded and reused. How many people have wiped their nose on it before you got to use it? Only take a blanket if it’s been unwrapped in front of you.


Stop the person in front reclining

One problem with the seating in a plane is the person in front reclining. If this causes a problem, either ask the person to sit up as you’re working or ask the flight attendant to ask them.

I once read on the internet that one way is to start sneezing. Then after a while ask for some water, then sneeze and sprinkle some water onto the head of the person in front. Although I don’t condone this.