Check the punctuality of flights

Is your destination airport prone to delays at certain times of the year? Does it snow a lot in the winter (its best to fly in the afternoon) or are there loads of thunderstorms during summer afternoons (best to fly in the morning)? You can check the punctuality of flights using these websites.

Flight on Time
This website provides detailed analysis of airline delays at 10 major UK airports.

Flight Stats
FlightStats provides an array of day-of-travel information to help keep travellers around the world in control of their travel experiences.

Flight Explorer
This is a global aircraft tracking, information technology and communications solutions provider. It claims to be the world’s leading provider of real-time global flight tracking information.

Flight Aware
This website currently provides private aviation flight tracking in over forty countries as well as global solutions for aircraft with satellite uplinks.

For USA airports only

Flight View
This is one of the first flights tracking websites. In 1996, this site brought real-time flight tracking to the Internet. This gave current flight information to the general public. It also has other tools and mobile Apps for most smart phones.

Flight Arrivals
This website offers independent and comprehensive real time airline information for airline flights operating to/from/within the United States and Canada. It offers flight information in a well-integrated and easy-to-use design, as well as 3D visualization of fleets, aircraft, seats and airport terminals in addition to extensive search options, airport statuses, and weather information.