Why not work while you are away?

Food and accommodation can be provided for free if you are willing to work for it. However not all working holidays are free. If you are ‘giving back’ then you will be expected to pay for the privilege of working while you’re on your break. You don’t always need to be skilled, but it can help to have experience before you arrive.

Types of holidays include:

  • Environment and nature conservation
    Wildlife surveying and expeditions
    Medicine and health care
    Education and teaching
    Community development
    Agriculture and organic farming


EscapeArtist is a website about living overseas and buying overseas property. It began as relocation website providing resources for those who were moving overseas. This is a massive website and although it doesn’t cover every destination you may be surprised by the information that you can find here.

Global Volunteers

Global Volunteers offers ‘Service-Learning’ travel opportunities for travellers looking to participate in short-term projects throughout the world. Fees are required, but there is help if you need ideas on fundraising.

Go Abroad

Go Abroad is a student oriented website and covers studying abroad, language schools, internships, teaching abroad, working abroad and volunteer programmes.



iAgora is a community for students/young travellers who are looking to work or study abroad. It lists first jobs and internships all over Europe, university reviews and ratings by international graduates, Erasmus and exchange students, and language course deals and reviews.

Transitions Abroad

Transitions Abroad is a magazine with the specific goal of providing information that would enable travellers to actually meet the people of other countries, to learn about their culture, and to speak their language. The website was created to provide a library of articles, programs, best resources and links gathered and updated over the past 30 years.

Work Away

Workaway was set up to promote fair exchange between budget travellers, language learners or culture seekers and families and individuals or organizations who are looking for help with a range of varied and interesting activities. For a few hours of honest help per day in exchange for food and accommodation, a traveller can have the opportunity to learn about the local lifestyle and community.

Working Abroad

Working Abroad is a UK based company that has access to voluntary and professional work opportunities in over 150 countries world-wide. These opportunities are generally for a month or more.


WWOOF is a world-wide network of organisations that links volunteers with organic farmers, and help people share more sustainable ways of living. In return for volunteer help, the hosts offer food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles.